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Trade professionals who need to deal with a variety of specialized grease lubrication challenges now can depend on a single family of specialized greases. Whether the application involves extreme pressures, high temperatures, damp conditions, or a severe marine environment, these WD-40® Specialist® greases give you the tools you need to lubricate and protect so you can fight wear and provide long-lasting rust and corrosion protection. Not to mention that our greases are interchangeable and won't cross contaminate compromising their effectiveness.

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Superior Performance True Multipurpose Grease High Temperature Grease Heavy-Duty Extreme Pressure Grease Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease

True Multi-Purpose Grease

This versatile all-purpose grease provides superior grease lubrication at higher temperatures while providing corrosion protection and water resistance.

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High Temperature Grease

Our reliable high temp grease provides protection and lubrication in high temperature and heavy duty mechanical applications.

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Extreme Pressure Grease

For high-pressure lubrication you need a grease that protects against corrosion and wear for heavy duty industrial equipment.

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Water Resistant Grease

Water-resistant marine grease means you get lubrication and corrosion protection of bearings and moving parts even in moisture rich conditions.

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