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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WD-40 Specialist?

WD-40® Specialist® is a new line of best-in-class maintenance products specifically formulated to help you get spec ific tasks done with ease. The line includes: Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, Stay and Spray Gel Lubricant, Rust Release Penetrant S pray, Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, Protective White Lithium Grease, Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor, Rust Remover Soak, Machine & Engine Degreaser, Dirt & Dust Resistant Dr y Lube, Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray, Industrial-Strength Degreaser, Superior Performance True Multi-Purpose Grease, Heavy-Duty High Temperature Grease, Heavy-Duty Extreme P ressure Grease and Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease.

WD-40® Specialist® products have been proven effective by multiple independent l ab tests and outperform the leading competitors in standard ASTM performance tests

How is the WD-40 Specialist line of products associated with WD-40 Company?

WD-40 Company realizes that sometimes tough jobs require products designed for specific applications (i.e., high-performing specialty lubricants, penetrants, rust removers, etc.) WD-40 Specialist is formulated for maximum performance to help workers get specific tasks done with ease. The WD-40 Specialist line of products outperforms the competition in key performance areas.

How is the WD-40 Specialist line of products different from original WD-40 Multi-Use Product?

WD-40 Multi-Use Product was invented in 1953 with five basic functions: It Lubricates, Penetrates, Protects, Removes, and Displaces Moisture. WD-40 Specialist is a line of specialty maintenance products designed to meet specific needs of professional users.

Where can I buy the WD-40 Specialist products?

You can find WD-40 Specialist products at home improvement centers, auto supply stores, hardware retailers, and mass merchandisers such as Walmart, Pep Boys, NAPA and Lowes. To find a retailer near you, please click here

Are WD-40 Specialist products sold internationally?

Yes, WD-40 Specialist products are sold outside the USA - please visit your country's WD-40 Company website for local availability.

When should I use a penetrant?

Use WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray to quickly loosen and remove frozen, corroded, bound, and rusted nuts, bolts, clips, locks, etc.

What is Blu TorchTM Technology?

Blu Torch Technology is proprietary to WD-40 Specialist products. It is a unique blend of solvents, metal working fluids and surfactants that provide fast-acting penetration. No other penetrant has our combination of ingredients.

When should I use a silicone lubricant?

Use WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant when you need a lubricant that's colorless, non-staining and safe for most rubbers and plastics. This lubricant provides superior performance across a wide temperature range and offers excellent moisture resistance.

When should I use white lithium grease?

Use WD-40 Specialist Protective White Lithium Grease where a thick lubricant film must cling and remain in place on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Excellent for metal-to-metal lubrication.

When should I use a corrosion inhibitor?

Use WD-40 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor to protect metal parts and prevent rust from forming for up to 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoors. Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor provides a protective coating that stays where you spray it. Ideal for use on equipment before storing.

When should I use a rust remover soak?

Use WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover Soak to dissolve tough rust from metal parts and tools without harming surrounding parts, trim, gaskets or paint. It safely and effectively removes rust without acids or caustic chemicals and works without scraping, chipping, or scrubbing. Soak 1-3 hours for light rust, overnight for heavy rust. WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover soak is non-toxic and biodegradable.

When should I use a degreaser?

Use a degreaser product to quickly remove grease, oil, dirt, tar and more. WD-40 Specialist offers 2 degreaser products. WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Degreaser is a solvent-based degreaser, and it is the only degreaser product on the market that has a Smart Straw applicator which allow you to spray 2 ways. WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray is a water-based degreaser that sprays on a thick foam which penetrates tough, stuck grease. It has a powerful stream that can reach up to 5 feet.

When should I use a dry lube?

Use WD-40 Specialist Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray when you need a lubricant that will keep things clean; its non-sticky formula won't attract dust or leave oily residue. This lubricant provides superior performance across a wide temperature range, offers excellent corrosion protection and is safe to use on wood, glass, fabric, metal, leather, rubber and most plastics.

When should I use a contact cleaner?

Use WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray when you need to clean sensitive electronics and electrical equipment, including larger electric motors, armatures, relays, electric panels, and generators. It is safe to use on all plastics, rubber and metal - cleaning oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation without leaving residue behind.

When should I use WD-40 Specialist instead of WD-40 Multi-Use Product?

WD-40 Specialist is specially formulated to help you get specific tasks done with ease. Of course, when you have jobs that aren't so specific, you can always rely on WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Do I really need both WD-40 Specialist and WD-40 Multi-Use Product?

Of course. WD-40 Specialist is formulated for specific tasks, while WD-40 Multi-Use Product helps you get a wide range of jobs done with ease. With both, you'll always be prepared for just about anything.

What sizes are the WD-40 Specialist products available in?

WD-40 Specialist products are available in the following sizes:

  • Rust Release Penetrant Spray: Net Wt. 11 oz.
  • Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant: Net Wt. 11 oz.
  • Protective White Lithium Grease: Net Wt. 10 oz.
  • Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor: Net Wt. 6.5 oz.
  • Rust Remover Soak: Net Wt. 1 Gallon
  • Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray: Net Wt. 18 oz.
  • Industrial-Strength Degreaser - Fast-Acting Formula: Net Wt. 15 oz.
  • Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray: Net Wt. 10 oz.
  • Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray: Net Wt. 11 oz.
  • Spray and Stay Gel Lubricant: Net Wt. 10 oz.

What is an ASTM test?

ASTM International (ASTM), originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. A standard test method defines the way a test is performed and is developed in conjunction with a specific industry membership, so industry members agree on a way a product is to be tested. Therefore, it brings fairness and agreement across the scientific community when one product is tested against another.

All WD-40 Specialist products have undergone rigorous ASTM testing by independent laboratories and have been proven superior in key product performance areas versus the competition. For WD-40 Specialist test results, visit our products pages.

What is VOC and why is it important?

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are defined as material in formulation that have high levels of vaporization. This means they vaporize in the atmosphere quickly.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, as well as The California Air Resource Board (CARB), The Ozone Transport Commission (OTC), and the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO), regulate the amount of VOC in consumer products. In an effort to reduce the amount of "greenhouse" gasses in the atmosphere, the federal government has limited the amount of highly volatile material manufacturers may use in their formulations. The standard allowable amount is different for each product category (i.e., laundry products, floor cleaners, automobile gasoline, lubricating materials, and many others).

All WD-40 Specialist formulas are 50-State VOC compliant and can be sold in all 50 states, and have been formulated to meet the requirements of CARB, The OTC and LADCO. For more information on VOC Compliance, visit EPA.gov

What is the difference between a solvent-based degreaser and a water-based degreaser?

Solvent-based degreasers typically have stronger cleaning agents and are recommended for heavier jobs. Water-based degreasers typically foam up, but are less effective. However, WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Degreaser (solvent-based formula) has proprietary PowerSolve Technology which unlike other solvent degreasers is safe on most surfaces and won't harm skin.

When should I use a Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant?

Use WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant when you need a long-lasting lubricant that stays in place. This unique thick-gel formula won't run, drip or make a mess. It's safe on multiple surfaces including metal, plastic and rubber and withstands temperature ranges from -100F to 500F.

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