Lithium Grease & Silicone Lubricant - WD-40 Specialist
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  • The New WD40® Specialist®

    Degreaser Team

    Fight Dirty with a whole family of Professional degreasing Solutions formulated for the toughest jobs
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    The no-compromise solution that's more Powerful, Safer and Easier to use.

  • Motorcycle Maintenance Made Easy

    WD40®; Specialist®

    Easy Performance. High-performance products make it easy to keep motorcycles in optimal condition & motorcyclists riding safe.


    Get Long-Lasting* performance and rust corrosion protection across extreme conditions with this complete set of greases engineered to simplify the way you lubricate.

    *Long-lasting claim relates to corrosion resistance using independent lab test ASTM D5969, bearing corrosion in 5% synthetic seawater.

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  • NEW WD-40 ® Specialist ® Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant No-Drip Formula

    Get 12x longer lasting lubrication with this unique no-drip formula that stays where you spray it. With the convenient Smart Straw ®, which Sprays 2 Ways , it’s the easy way to stick it to gravity.

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